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Student-Athlete Conflict Resolution Procedures

The Connecticut College Department of Athletics & Physical Education is committed to supporting the health, well-being and equitable treatment of its student-athletes. All students must adhere to the standards of conduct outlined in the Student Athlete Code of Conduct and the Connecticut College Honor Code.

Connecticut College student-athletes are expected to manage their relationships with teammates, coaches, staff and administrators in a mature manner. The development and management of these relationships is a valuable learning experience for our student-athletes.   

If a student-athlete has a conflict with another student-athlete, coach, or staff member, we encourage the student-athlete to attempt to resolve the conflict directly with the person(s) involved.  If there isn’t a satisfactory resolution, the student is encouraged to connect with a team captain, an assistant coach and/or the head coach to assist in resolving the conflict. If after these steps have been taken and no resolution occurs, the student-athlete should share their concerns with the Director of Athletics or an Associate Director of Athletics.