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2016-17 Connecticut College Women's Swimming Roster

Event Hometown High School
Nicki Abraham full bio Nicki Abraham Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Reading, Pa. High School:  
Shannon Cry full bio Shannon Cry Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Monterey, Calif. High School:  
Katie Edwards full bio Katie Edwards Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Haverford, Pa. High School:  
Mary Erb full bio Mary Erb Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Readfield, Maine High School:  
Dulcie Everitt full bio Dulcie Everitt Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: London, England High School:  
Danielle Fergus full bio Danielle Fergus Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Pleasant Valley, N.Y. High School:  
Emma Gawronski full bio Emma Gawronski Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Beacon Falls, Conn. High School:  
Lily Gribbel full bio Lily Gribbel Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Pleasanton, Calif. High School:  
Katie Hammond full bio Katie Hammond Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Sea Girt, N.J. High School:  
Olivia Haskell full bio Olivia Haskell Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Norwalk, Conn. High School:  
Kelsey Hayden full bio Kelsey Hayden Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: South Berwick, Maine High School:  
Julia Klier full bio Julia Klier Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Cohasset, Mass. High School:  
Sydney Krisanda full bio Sydney Krisanda Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Webster, N.Y. High School:  
Juilette Lee full bio Juilette Lee Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. High School:  
Jade Mueller-Galbraith full bio Jade Mueller-Galbraith Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Santa Barbara, Calif. High School:  
Anne Myers full bio Anne Myers Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Tampa, Fla. High School:  
Charlotte Nixon full bio Charlotte Nixon Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Rye, N.Y. High School:  
Anna Peterson full bio Anna Peterson Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Winnetka, Ill. High School:  
Lexi Rauth full bio Lexi Rauth Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Glenmoore, Pa. High School:  
Catherine Rodgers full bio Catherine Rodgers Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Montclair, N.J. High School:  
Anuschka Sambel full bio Anuschka Sambel Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, Mich. High School:  
Sarah Steingold full bio Sarah Steingold Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Providence, R.I. High School:  
Maria Strakosha full bio Maria Strakosha Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Peabody, Mass. High School:  
Valerie Urban full bio Valerie Urban Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Lancaster, Pa. High School:  
Georgie Walsh full bio Georgie Walsh Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Bronx, N.Y. High School:  
Victoria Weinstock full bio Victoria Weinstock Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Westford, Mass. High School:  
Maeve Wilber full bio Maeve Wilber Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: New Marlborough, Mass. High School: