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Five Questions with Camel Women's Squash Tri-Captain Anne Holly

Five Questions with Camel Women's Squash Tri-Captain Anne Holly

Five Questions with Connecticut College Women's Squash Tri-Captain Anne Holly

Q: Why did you choose Connecticut College

I chose Connecticut College because I liked the rigorous academic environment as well as the competitive athletic conference.  Integrity is my most important value and so the Honor Code was appealing.  Conn's Green Dot emphasis showcases its dedication to its students as well as students' multifaceted involvement on campus.  I enjoyed the opportunity to be able to excel in the classroom and on the squash court.  There is no better mascot than a Camel; what other college has a weekly holiday devoted just for their mascot!  I wear my Camel Belt daily with #camelpride in #camelnation!  Conn shares my belief that while the destination in life is important, what matters most is the journey. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about competing in the NESCAC and with the women's squash program here at Conn.

The best part about competing in the NESCAC as we are student-athletes.  Our season starts November 1st and competition begins November 15th stressing the importance of top-notch athletic performance at the highest academic level.  We are just as competitive in the classroom as we are on court/field/ice/water.  We are students first, challenging us to make connections across multiple disciplines and using athletics as an avenue to gain confidence and intangible skills that will allow us to "put the liberal arts into action as citizens of a global society".

Being an individual team sport, we are ranked on a ladder, which creates a unique environment.  Every day, we come to practice and compete against each other to make each other better players individually and for the team.  The competitiveness during a challenge match to the love as teammates afterwards is what makes our team so strong.  We have incredibly skilled players on the team and our abilities are so closely matched we are all basically interchangeable.  This competition and intensity creates a highly motivating training environment.  We are constantly striving to improve on the court, off the court, and the courts themselves.  We are more than just a squash team.  We have all different backgrounds and passions coming together as one family with one goal. 

 Q: Coach Childs brings passion to the sport. Can you tell me what it's been like playing for him over the past three years.

Coach Childs has been an incredibly wonderful coach.  His 20 years of coaching experience and personal experience at #1 on the #11th team in the country is key. He's been in our position before in a highly rigorous academic environment with an ultra-competitive squash program.  Ultimately, he relates to the position we are each in with a deep experienced ladder fighting and capable of a higher ranking.  The best thing about Coach Childs is that he is personable and empathetic.  He has the long-term vision and identifies short-term goals that are challenging yet achievable.  He supports us 110% by pushing us and encouraging us on and off the court as he only wants the best for us.  He motivates us to give more and push harder in practice so that in a match it's automatic.  Squash is always on his brain and he is thinking of ways to make us better while making it fun and interactive.  He creates a personal connection with each and every one of us and it's from him that I've learned that everyone brings something different to the team; it's about identifying what each person's strengths are and then capitalizing on them.  By knowing how each person operates and what they need to do to perform at the highest level, he tailors his coaching style to maximize each person's time in practice for the most improvement possible.  He provides advice on the court and offers up life advice through his story telling.  His individual approach keeps each and every one of us motivated yet humble and hungry for victory.  It's been an absolute honor and privilege to play for Coach Childs, for Connecticut College, and for my teammates.  I can't thank them enough.  GO CAMELS!!!!!

Q: What can fans expect to see from the team this season Anne

Currently we are ranked higher than the boys at #28th in the country…  As former President Higdon said "the best days for Connecticut College are in front of us" and that is true of the Women's Squash program.  We are the most competitive and skilled team yet and with Women's College Squash getting better every year, every day we are training to get better faster than the competition.  We are playing a lot of new teams this season such as Vassar, St. Lawrence and the University of Virginia, which will provide us with challenging yet valuable experience.  Putting ourselves in new, challenging, uncomfortable situations gives us the opportunity to grow and that is exactly what this program needs.  Every match we have against a team ranked #20-30 is a possibility for us to win and the tight matches are the most thrilling.  We were a handful of points away from in the top #20 last season and it something that has definitely stuck with us.  And our four home matches, are so competitive the cheering and support from our fans makes all the difference.  Those home matches are: December 3rd against Northeastern & Wellesley, January 19th vs. Dickinson, and February 17th against Mount Holyoke.  While this is a year of growth, we have the personnel and the talent to achieve our goals and win those key matches.  This is going to be the best season yet. 

Q: Can you provide us with your academic major, any major academic honors you've received and tell us what your career aspirations are after Conn.

Economics Major, Math Minor & Accounting.  Member of the Peggotty Investment Club, Outdoors, and Tennis Clubs and Green Dot certified.  I'm also a Stage Hand for Theatre Services.

I enjoy helping people achieve their goals.  The process of distribution, logistics, and how things work fascinates me and I want to apply what I have learned throughout my Connecticut College education in business operations.  I want to continue challenging and improving myself daily.